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The main objective of the Touristic Information Center in Zabola is to promote the natural and cultural heritage of the Zernye Region. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible about touristic attractions and sights in this area.

We offer information to the tourists about touristic objectives, accommodation, addresses and visiting hours, about cultural events, about the existing recreational and walking locations in the region. Here the visitor can find free maps, brochures and leaflets about the main touristic objectives in the Zernye region. 


A popular picnic place in the neighborhood of Zabola is Csipkes, which also hosts a students’ camp. Children are accommodated in cozy little wooden cottages. The surrounding are perfectly suitable for organizing nature trips but it is worth coming here just to relax among the natural beauties too.

The surroundings of Zabola offer many different opportunities to visitors of the area. At a distance of only 30 km one can find angling spots, skiing spots or hiking places. The huge woodland and its rich wildlife favors sport hunters.By a hiking tour of only three hours we can reach a level difference of 540 meters towards the Lakocza peak, which is the highest spot in Kovaszna county, from where the view is absolutely astonishing.


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